Aerial Imaging Services

>>> A PSA from Advanced Image Solutions LLC <<<
The FAA has determined that any UAS (drone) used in any commercial imaging capacity within the United States airspace must be under the command of a Part 107 or Part 61 licensed UAS pilot.
If you currently use a UAS for real estate, please be sure that the pilot in command holds current FAA certification's.

  Aerial imaging, or "drone" services can add a unique perspective to many photo shoots or video segments. I have been a FAA licensed Unmanned Arial System - UAS - pilot since the FAA made it a requirement in 2016. Advanced Image Solutions will only provide UAS services that comply with FAA and local laws.

  The aerial platforms I use area DJI Mavic Mini and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This aerial camera has sensors to help prevent collisions and features a 20 megapixel image sensor for professional grade photo and video. These platforms can also be flown inside for great angles and effects.

   A rate of $150 per hour with a minimum one hour charge. Editing and post flight services are not included in this price.


  When added to a real estate photo package, a rate of $100 per property will be charged.