Real Estate Services

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A fantastic first impression is key in real estate sales.

The 3 keys...Location, budget and "that's cute!"

The first two can be swayed by number three.

The picture you present to potential buyers is what grabs their attention.

  Shooting real estate pictures is just a portrait session with a much bigger subject. The images should show the property in the best way possible, with true colors and accurate views that will keep the client interested. I will work with you to capture the listing in a way that will grab that vital first impression and drive sales!

  Pricing is a flat rate of $250 for home up to 2500 sq.ft. and $325 for over 2500 sq.ft.

  $75 dollar Express Pics - an option for 5 quick shots of properties that may not require a full shoot.

This will include quality inside and outside DSLR photos and boom camera shots for a unique perspective. Drone pictures and video are available as well. Please see the Aerial Imaging page for rates and regulations.